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How to Save Money on Your Next Move: Reduce the Cost of Household Movers

Posted on May 14, 2024

Balancing your budget? Moving doesn’t have to be a huge expense if you follow some simple advice from our household movers.

Balancing your budget? Moving doesn’t have to be a huge expense if you follow some simple advice from our household movers.

Moving season is ramping up, and in an age of inflation and rising interest rates, who doesn’t want to save on expenses where they can? If you’re in the midst of planning your next move, there are simple ways to reduce the cost of household movers. These moving tips from our Bighorn Moving And Storage experts will help curb sticker shock come moving day. 

Before you move: Start planning early

An affordable move starts months ahead of time. That’s because the time allowed for planning lets you get organized and create a real inventory of the items you plan to move with. Knowing which moving services you need and when you need them, especially during peak season, will give you time to find the best price for your move. 

Besides, a last-minute move is almost always more costly. It’s in your best interest to avoid one by planning ahead if you can, especially during the peak summer seasons.  

Define the services you need

Specialty items will affect the cost of your move. If you’re bringing a hot tub, piano, or pinball machine to your new home, a mover will want to know ahead of time so they can plan for it. Note any special services so that when you begin looking for a moving company, you can ensure that they offer the appropriate service, like hot tub movers or piano movers. 

Another question to ask yourself is: will you require packing or unpacking services? What about facility or container storage rentals? Some extra services you may want to consider include:

  • Hot tub moving

  • Safe moving

  • Pool table moving

  • Vehicle moving

  • Packing services

  • Unpacking service

  • Storage services

Think about which moving and storage services you actually require at the very beginning of the planning process to save you time and money when sourcing quotes. Working with one company for multiple service needs is often the more affordable option. 

Create a baseline cost

It’s important to get an idea of how big a move you are planning. That means taking stock of your items to gauge what is coming with you. 

A moving company can take a survey of your items for you. This free service creates a ceiling for your moving quote, so you know the price can only go down from there. 

Source multiple moving quotes

When looking for the best price, you have to do exactly that: look around. Source moving quotes from multiple companies so you can compare and choose the moving company that best suits your needs. 

A very important note: you don’t want to automatically work with the cheapest moving company. A deal is only a deal if the service meets your expectations. Experienced movers will have the equipment and knowledge to execute a move efficiently and without injury or damage to your property. 

Look for a company with insurance and accreditations—you don’t want to be responsible for injuring your friend's back or replacing costly items damaged with an amateur job. 

Start purging items

This concept is pretty simple—don’t pay to move items you don’t want to keep. Not only will you have less to move, but if you sell any unwanted items, that’s also money in your pocket! It’s a win-win. 

For items you can’t sell, there are many donation options available. If you’re in Kelowna, check out this guide to downsizing your home.

Once you’ve narrowed down what you’re keeping and sold or donated the rest, your house movers can resurvey your home and potentially lower the cost of your move. 

Should you hire house movers?

Paying your friends in pizza and beer can only take you so far. While you may think that you cracked the code saving on moving expenses by enlisting the help of your friends and renting a moving truck, in most cases the time, stress, and risk of personal injury you avoid by hiring professional movers is game-changing and worth every penny. If you value your time, the cost of professional movers far outweighs DIY. 

Bulky items, including kitchen appliances, the pool table in your den, or heavy items like a safe, are not only difficult for civilians to move themselves but downright dangerous. Professionals have the right equipment and knowledge to safely move large, heavy items. 

Plus, if Seinfeld has taught society anything, it’s that the two most annoying favours a friend can ask another are: can you help me move and can you give me a ride to the airport? Don’t be that friend.  

Leading up to moving day

So you’ve booked one of the best moving companies in Kelowna, you’ve tossed all the items that no longer bring you joy, and you’re crossing off the days until you move into your new place. What else can you do to save?

The different stages of packing

Keep methodical and organized when packing has its own value that can translate to either money in your pocket or more time back in your day. When you’ve packed your boxes in an orderly fashion, moving day goes faster, which can save on your bottom line. 

It also makes unpacking less chaotic, something that saves you time or, if opting for unpacking services, also expedites that process. 

Some items can get packed away much earlier than others, making a gargantuan task more manageable by breaking it into bite-sized pieces. Check out our moving timeline for more advice on when to pack what's in your home. 

Packing supplies
Purchasing good, sturdy supplies is always worth it. Having a box break and smashing all of your china to pieces is a cost and headache most people moving would want to avoid. 

If you’re looking to save by sourcing used packing supplies, look for sturdy boxes that are built to hold extra weight from places like liquor stores. Towels and washcloths instead of bubble wrap are another popular DIY option. 

Read up on the importance of quality moving supplies. 

Packing services
While packing services are not the frugal option on paper, there’s always a cost vs. time equation when it comes to onerous tasks like moving. If you have the means but are light on time, it’s often worth it to spring for something like packing services. Using this option, movers arrive at your home a few days ahead of time to pack your items efficiently and securely.  

Beyond the move

There are a few other unconventional things to consider on moving day that will save you money but aren’t encompassed by the move itself. 

Prepare a moving bag
By preparing a bag of items you’ll need during the move and the day after, you’ll be able to save on impulse purchases like snacks or extra deodorant and toothpaste when you can’t find yours. Things to include:

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Additional toiletries like deodorant and soap

  • Snacks

  • A change of clothing

For renters: document move-in and move-out conditions
In B.C., a landlord can ask for up to half a month’s rent as a security deposit, and a move-in and move-out report must be completed together to document the condition of the unit and determine who is responsible for any repairs. Knowing your rights around this system, communicating clearly with your landlord, and making sure you can attend both inspections are invaluable in avoiding costly headaches and repair disputes when you move out.

Storage services
It’s cheaper to store items than to move them. If you are in between homes or have items that you won’t need to use in your new home for a while, consider looking into storage options. This is a creative way to save money on moving day. There are many different types of storage: short or long-term, mobile storage containers or temperature-controlled facilities. Learn more about which type of storage is best for you on our blog Storage in Kelowna Explained

When you’re ready to make your next move, look local for the best movers in Kelowna with the experience you need to get the job done right, stress-free. Get a moving quote from Bighorn Moving And Storage today!