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Bighorn Moving and Storage Kelowna

Coastal living, here you come! Or maybe you’re leaving Mainland Vancouver for drier climates and winery tours. Whatever the reason, if you’re looking to make the move to or from Vancouver, Bighorn Moving And Storage can help.

Unless you’re an expert long-distance moving company, chances are the unexpected will arise. There are always surprises and unforeseen hiccups. Enter Bighorn Moving. We’ve got the expertise for your long-distance move to and from Vancouver to go off without a hitch! A stress-free, long-distance move, who would have thought?

Bighorn Moving and Storage Kelowna

The Bighorn Moving team is experienced in getting your things where you need to go. Our weekly trips to and from Mainland Vancouver make for a quick and smooth long-distance moving process. There’s nothing quite like a worry-free welcome home, thanks to some of Canada’s best long-distance movers.

Looking for a little something more (or less) than a move? We’re able to provide storage at our secure, temperature-controlled facility, so you don’t have to worry when downsizing. Storage options range from short to long-term, so if you need a place for your things to crash between properties, we can help.

Contact us today for a quote from Bighorn Moving services to and from Vancouver.

Moving To/From Vancouver: BigHorn Kelowna
Moving To/From Vancouver: BigHorn Kelowna
Moving To/From Vancouver: BigHorn Kelowna
Moving To/From Vancouver: BigHorn Kelowna

Frequently asked questions about moving to/from Vancouver

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We have trucks, equipment, and resources moving back and forth between to and from Vancouver weekly.

This depends on the size of the move and the locations involved for loading and unloading. For more information, get in touch.

We strongly advise you to get in touch sooner than later as last-minute long-distance moves are difficult and near impossible — the more lead time the better.

There are no additional fuel charges, only the standard fuel charge — nothing additional. Please get in touch for more information.

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