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Focus on the first game in your new home, not how it’s going to get there.

If you’re moving and you own a pool table, you want to ensure it arrives safely, along with all your other treasured belongings.

As your trusted movers, we arrange the disassembly and assembly of pool tables with professionals trained to move pool tables locally.

For long-distance moves, we arrange for a professional partner company trained in the disassembly of pool tables and crating of the slates for protection during transportation. On arrival, one of our partner companies will re-assemble your table for you, re-felting it if necessary and ensuring its level so you can enjoy your pool table for years to come.

Bighorn Moving and Storage Kelowna

Frequently asked questions about pool table moving

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Yes, our movers have hands-on experience in moving pool tables. Our senior staff collectively have more than 100 years of experience when it comes to specialty moving.

Yes, most pool tables need to be disassembled and/or prepared for transportation. We hire third-party companies experienced with disassembling pool tables to move them.

Our third-party company can reassemble your pool upon its arrival at your new location. Our partner company can also handle re-felting the slate of your pool table, if necessary, and ensure it is level and ready for use.

Bighorn Moving And Storage uses specialized dollies and sometimes tailgates and/or rail gates on the trucks to safely move a pool table. Our experienced and professional team also has the strength and know-how to move and transport pool tables to their new location safely.

Your pool table is protected and loaded with the rest of your household goods. As a member affiliate of United Van Lines, we have a team of professional movers across Canada that care for your pool table and all of your belongings during transport and delivery.

The playing surface, or slate, of your pool table is crated for transport, while the rest of the pool table parts are wrapped and protected to prevent damage.

The cost depends on all that goes into moving and transporting your pool table. To get a better idea of moving quotes, it is recommended that you contact us and speak to one of our moving consultants.

Besides pool table moving, Bighorn Moving And Storage offer piano, hot tub, safe, and industrial equipment specialty moving services. We also provide wood crating for those needing to move high-value items such as art and glass furniture. See our packing services for more information.

Your Bighorn moving consultant can provide you with all the details of what’s involved in moving a pool table. For more information on what it takes to move a pool table, piano, hot tub, safe, and art, read our Moving Tips: 5 Unwieldy Objects During a Move.