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Super Movers: Five Times a Moving Company Saved the Day

Posted on November 20, 2023

Never fear, Bighorn Moving and Storage is here! These super movers can save the day when things take an unexpected turn.

Never fear, Bighorn Moving and Storage is here! These super movers can save the day when things take an unexpected turn.

Even on a good day, life can throw you curveballs, but if that happens on moving day—one of the more stressful times in many people’s lives you want to know that your house movers can handle it. It’s a good thing Bighorn Moving and Storage is one part local moving company, one part storage in Kelowna, and one part superhero! 

Five times that Bighorn movers in Kelowna saved the day

1. The uncertified elevator

A customer was moving locally, and due to the newly built condo not having the elevator certified, they found out at the last minute that delivery to the new residence would not be possible—even though they had to leave their current home that day! 

Bighorn was able to come to the rescue, loading the items as scheduled and providing a last-minute storage solution. 

The customer didn’t know how many days they would need storage; however, that wasn’t an issue, as Bighorn was able to accommodate storage for an undetermined amount of days.

2. The case of the vanishing movers  

Halloween may have passed, but what’s scarier than movers vanishing four days before your scheduled move date?

A customer called Bighorn in a panic as the local mover they had hired advised they could no longer service their move, which was scheduled to happen in just four days! Bighorn was able to quickly put a crew together and complete the move for them effectively and professionally.

3. The cross-country move

Due to the McDougall Creek fire situation this summer, a family coming into town from Ontario was unable to move into their home on possession day. Bighorn was able to receive the shipment at the last minute, hold it for a few days, and then deliver the family household items into their new home during a very stressful and anxious time.

4. The failed credit card payment

A senior needed to pack and move to a new location and was struggling with her credit card payment. Bighorn was able to assist this dear lady by helping her call her bank in a safe manner and get the credit card issue resolved, as she did not have any family to help her.

5. The wrong address 

Another senior gave the incorrect address of his home, resulting in our crew showing up at the wrong house! Bighorn was quickly able to resolve the issue; however, it turns out that the neighbour needed to move in a month as well, and this ended up in another local move being booked with Bighorn. We guess they were impressed, and both customers were successfully moved.

Common problems on moving day (and how to prevent them)

A lot of things can go wrong on moving day; the important thing is how you handle hiccups when they arise. We just shared some personal anecdotes that have happened in our years in the business, but that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface when it comes to potential issues. 

The problem: Unreliable movers

Not being where and when you need them to be, unexpected price increases, careless handling of belongings—hiring the wrong movers can be one of the biggest headaches come moving day. Often, this happens because the moving company is hired in a rush or someone is looking to save some money. The absolute worst-case scenario is getting scammed, either through lost cash or, even worse, theft of your belongings. 

The solution: Don’t rush your decision when it comes to selecting a mover. Word-of-mouth and reviews are great for pointing you in the right direction, but always ensure the moving company you select is properly licensed and insured. Additionally, shopping around for the best quote not only helps you get a deal but ensures the moving company you go with will have the right services you need for a stress-free move. Learn more about finding the right moving company for you on our blog, Five Things To Look For When Selecting a Moving and Storage Company. 

The problem: moving injuries

Safety should always come first in life and in moving house. Both professional movers and clients can be at risk for minor injuries like scrapes, bumps, and bruises, but in more extreme cases, chronic injuries (remember: always lift with your legs to save your back) or even breaks can occur. Bulky large furniture and fatigue can be a recipe for disaster. 

The solution: Proper preparation on moving day is key to keeping both yourself and your movers safe. Avoid creating an obstacle course by ensuring that all passageways are clear. Having the right equipment available for moving heavy objects will save your back or appendages from preventable disasters. A professional moving company should have all the necessary equipment for a smooth and safe move. An important safety note: have your pets crated and children well supervised or even in childcare, if possible. 

The problem: hidden costs

There’s nothing worse than the sticker shock of unforeseen fees at the end of a long, hard move. Less reputable moving companies might try to lure you in with low rates, but when the bill comes, they’re left holding your items hostage until you cough up the unexpected dough. 

The solution: Always work with a reputable moving company that is able to offer a written and itemized quote for your move. An honest moving company will ask the right questions to gauge the reality of the amount of work involved with your move and not just say a low price to entice you without the proper information. Planning your next move? Get a moving quote from Bighorn Moving and Storage. 

The problem: your belongings aren’t packed

Whether due to poor planning on your part (we’ve all been there) or being stuck in a last-minute move scenario, sometimes your things just aren’t ready to go when you expected them to be. 

The solution: Don’t panic. A full-service moving company like Bighorn offers both moving and packing services as well as last-minute moves. Give your mover a call and see if there’s anything they can do to help. If they don’t offer packing services, call around to find a reputable packer. Professional packing services get your entire house packed in a fraction of the time, thanks to experience, great packing materials, and teamwork. Check out our packing services.  

The problem: tight stairways or broken elevators

Sometimes, movers arrive at the new location only to find your belongings won’t fit—either due to a tight passageway or mechanical breakdown. 

The solution: There are multiple ways to solve this problem, depending on the precise issue. In the case of a broken-down elevator, contact the building manager, who should be able to guide you and your movers to appropriate alternatives. In the case of tight stairways, sometimes creative solutions like balconies or other mover magic tricks can get the job done. In the worst case scenario where a belonging can’t make it into your new residence, short-term storage can a

The problem: getting lost in your new neighbourhood

You may not be acquainted with your new neighbourhood yet, and even Google Maps can lead people astray. Circling cul-de-sacs or a moving truck headed to your new address on the north side of town instead of the south side can cost precious daylight hours on moving day. 

The solution: Work with a local moving company that knows the ins and outs of the neighbourhoods in town. They’ll have a deep understanding of the terrain and different nooks and crannies where others may get stuck.

Don’t let these completely avoidable issues get in your way on moving day. Work with experienced, reliable superhero movers in Kelowna, like Bighorn Moving and Storage, for your next relocation. 

When you’re ready to make your next move, look to movers in Kelowna with the experience you need to get the job done right and stress-free. Get a moving quote from Bighorn Moving and Storage today!