Never fear, Bighorn Moving and Storage is here! These super movers can save the day when things take an unexpected turn.

Super Movers: Five Times a Moving Company Saved the Day

Don’t let unforeseen snags add stress to moving day. Bighorn Moving and Storage is made up of super movers whose expertise and compassion are out of this world.

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Local movers remove stress, add flexibility in a complicated market

When it comes to moving and storage in Kelowna, local is the secret to a stress-free move and flexibility in a tight housing market.

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Stashing your belongings using storage in Kelowna is a simple way to avoid stress and maintain flexibility when moving house.

The Secret to Stress-Free Moving and Closing On That Housing Deal: Storage in Kelowna

Moving and storage go hand in hand in removing stress from your life while adding creativity and flexibility to your next housing deal.

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Working with local house movers not only feels good—it increases efficiency and supports your local economy.

Community for Community: Why Work With Local House Movers?

Local is for more than fruits and vegetables. Choosing a local moving company means knowledge, efficiency, and quality service from house movers who care.

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Last-minute movers are your new best friends when life throws you curves balls. Use our moving tips to stay sane in a rush.

Life Happens: Pulling Off a Last Minute Move With Last Minute Movers

When life gives you lemons, pull off a last-minute move! Our last-minute movers have no fear and can help you pull off the impossible in a pinch.

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Our experienced piano movers never miss a beat when it comes to keeping your precious items safe.

More Than Piano Movers: How Bighorn Handles Specialty Moving

From pianos to pool tables, our movers in Kelowna explain what goes into transporting your specialty items on the blog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your question not listed here? Go to all FAQs or start a live chat.

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Our local moving company in Kelowna offers numerous payment options for our local moving and DIY local moving services. This includes certified cheque, Visa, Mastercard, Visa debit, or Mastercard Debit.

Bighorn dispatch will call and/or email you your Bighorn Moving crew's arrival time three (3) business days before the service date(s).

Yes, for a price, we can provide materials and boxes. Bighorn Kelowna carries a complete line of high-quality, competitively priced packing supplies, including specialty packing cartons for mirrors, TVs, and more. Contact us if you have additional questions.

Any items that are not packed into cartons may be wrapped in furniture pads/blankets by our professional moving staff to ensure they are protected.

Before our professional moving crew provides any packing and/or moving services, the floors will be protected with floor runners.

As we do not accept liability for damage to your plants, we ask that you move all houseplants yourself.

Take pictures and document the damage on the work order with your Bighorn’ crew leader. Please also notify Bighorn’ head office of the damage once your move has been completed.

Liquids can freeze and/or explode due to temperature and should be moved by yourself. Bighorn Moving & Storage Kelowna does not accept any liability for liquids damaged in any way or for any damage caused by your liquids to other items.